Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapists are licensed and regulated to practice in British Columbia, and treat a wide range of conditions through therapeutic massage.  They are an important part of any health team, and complement other specialties well, such as chiropractic. 

Massage Therapy is the technique of treating a condition (injury, pain, etc), as well as resulting soft tissue changes that are connected to it.  There are many massage techniques which are used to assess and treat patients, and positive results can be accomplished by you and your therapist working together to communicate expectations and progress during the course of your customized treatment plan, so that your results are tailored to your body’s needs.

Massage Therapy can benefit all walks of life:

• individuals suffering chronic stress

• pre-natal care

• athletes

• elderly, or those suffering from arthritis and other motion-limiting conditions

• youth

• post-surgical patients

Massage Therapy can help treat:

• headaches/migraines

• stress

• reduce muscle spasms

• eve chronic tension

• acute and chronic pain

• muscle swelling and inflammation

• motor vehicle accident-related injuries

• injury prevention